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July Adolescent Immunization Awareness Month

Prevent Cancer

Summer’s out, school’s in! Make sure your teen is ready for school! Check out backpacks, clothes, and immunizations! Learn more about the state requirements at Immunizations for Adolescents


Vaccines aren’t just for infants; adolescents and adults need to be protected against disease as well. July is Adolescent Immunization Awareness Month in North Carolina, and the N.C. Division of Public Health is reminding parents to protect their teens and pre-teens by bringing them up to date on required and recommended vaccinations.

Keep your child protected as they start school. #immunizeandrealize

7th grade is ahead! Make sure your child is immunized with the Meningococcal, HPV, and Tdap vaccinations. Preteen and Teen Vaccine Schedules


Three Things Parents Should Know

Most vaccines are required when a child enters school for the first time in kindergarten. State law now requires a dose of Tdap vaccine and meningococcal vaccine for individuals entering the seventh grade or by 12 years of age, whichever comes first.

HPV Vaccine: A Pediatrician’s Recommendation In this video, a pediatrician explains why she, as a doctor and a parent, recommends HPV vaccine for boys and girls ages 11-12.

Both boys and girls of ages 11 or 12 need two doses of the HPV vaccine protect them against HPV related cancers in the future. Talk to your healthcare provider to make sure your children are protected. HPV vaccine is cancer prevention! HPV


The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also recommends that older children receive a booster shot of varicella (chicken pox) vaccine, as well as vaccinations against MCV4, HPV, influenza (flu) and certain other vaccines recommended for high-risk groups. Please visit CDC's Adolescent Schedule for more information.



Updated: September 11, 2019